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State Route 180 Braided Ramp

As one of the 10 projects selected in Caltran’s Design-Build Demonstration Program, the Braided Ramps project will construct new braided branch connections between State Route 41, 180, and 168 to improve traffic operations and enhance traffic safety within the freeway to freeway interchange. Working under the design-build contractor, R&L Brosamer, and with Caltrans Structure Construction staff, Cornerstone is currently performing construction quality assurance inspections and review of project submittals for the project’s multiple structures, including two new braided ramp over crossings and several Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls. Because of the design-build project, Cornerstone has also been providing constructability review of the project plans by identifying potential conflicts prior to construction and actively working with the design-build team to provide cost-effective solutions.

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