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Wilma Avenue Roundabout Clock Tower

In 2007, the City of Ripon approached Omni Means and Cornerstone Structural Engineering Group to design a clock tower for the open space within the Wilma Avenue Roundabout. The clock tower, intended to supplement the recently completed downtown entry monuments designed by Cornerstone, was constructed in 2010 using America Recovery and Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) funding.

The tower is 30 feet tall and consists of a steel clock tower supported on four individual 12-foot tall concrete columns. The concrete columns are cladded with a masonry and brick veneer to provide a finish similar to the entry monuments in downtown Ripon. Each of the steel tower columns consists of a cluster of four individual tube steel columns. The clock and roof of the tower are supported on steel tube beams that thread into the steel column clusters. The entire structure is supported on a large exposed spread footing that also provides a work area for maintenance crews.

The project was completed on schedule and within budget and has received much praise from the local community. The tower has become an entry monument in and of itself into downtown Ripon. The tower is visible from State Route 99 and the major interchange at Jack Tone Road.

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