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Fulton Mall Downtown Beautification Project

Fresno, CA

The original Fulton Mall was created in 1965 by converting 12 blocks of Fulton Street in downtown Fresno into a pedestrian mall. The City of Fresno returned traffic to the Fulton Mall in 2017 by reconstructing the mall to accomodate two lanes of traffic and parking while maintaining a pedestrian friendly streetscape and the original artwork and water features that had become a part of the ambiance of the pedestrian mall. Cornerstone first began work on the mall in 2014, providing strutural condition assessments for several historic and non-historic buildings and basement encroachments. This initial phase was tasked with providing initial assessments, primarily to identify the extent of the existing basement encroachments, in preparation for the conversion back to vehicular traffic. Following the assessments, Cornerstone also provided structural support for the implementation of the Noise and Vibration Mitigation and Monitoring Plan which, along with consultants First Carbon Solutions and Wilson Ihrig, included vibration and crack monitoring during construction. Cornerstone also provided direct field structural support during several demolition operations adjacent to existing building basements encroachments.

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