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Los Banos Community Center

Los Banos, CA

The Los Banos Community Center is a new multi-building complex built to service the diverse needs of the local community. After extensive planning, fund-raising, design and construction the city of Los Banos now has a facility that anchors the revitalization of a former railroad corridor throughout the center of town. Designed by HMC-Beverly Prior Architects and Cornerstone Structural Engineering Group, this project was focused on providing the most space and assorted functionality for the given budget. Cornerstone achieved this goal by providing an efficient and cost-effective structural design, while still meeting the aesthetic goals of the architect. Cornerstone assisted the architect in the schematic layout of the site to maximize the usable space while helping to establish the aesthetics for the project with the wood trusses and high bay clerestory forms. This project was delivered on time and under budget. Additionally, while the client did not wish to attain a formal LEED standard, they did want the center to be as sustainable and efficient as the budget would allow.

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