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Avenue 416 Bridge over the Kings River

Tulare County, CA

Cornerstone prepared the federal funding application and final PS&E package for the replacement of the existing 850 ft. long bridge over the Kings River.  Through a life cycle cost analysis, Cornerstone provided justification that a bridge replacement alternative would be more economical than a widening alternative.  Cornerstone also justified the replacement of the two-lane bridge with a four-lane bridge to accommodate traffic projections through 2030.  The replacement structure is a five-span cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete box girder bridge with a width of 81 ft. and a total length of 740 ft.  The completed bridge carries four lanes of vehicular traffic and protected pedestrian sidewalks.  Notable project features included the provision of both day and night roost bat habitats to mitigate for the loss of habitat on the existing bridge; isolation casings at end span pier foundation piles to allow thermal and shrinkage movement of the bridge without the need for high maintenance hinges; and extensive aesthetic features including entry monuments, custom pedestrian railings and pilasters, and pier monuments.

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