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Bayfront Boulevard Bridge Over Refugio Creek

Hercules, CA

Cornerstone provided structural engineering services for the City of Hercules’ Bayfront project which will provide for a transit-oriented traditional neighborhood mixed-use project within the Hercules Waterfront District.  The project includes a Multi-Modal Transit Station that will offer a connection to downtown San Francisco via a ferry terminal and will be designated as the only train, ferry, and bus station in California.  The project also includes several bridges across the Refugio Creek Corridor, including the Bayfront Boulevard Bridge, which was designed by our firm with the construction of the project completed in early 2017.  The Bayfront Boulevard Bridge will serve as an entry gateway into the Bayfront Boulevard mixed-use neighborhood, and incorporated aesthetic features including brick veneer, pilasters, an ornate steel pedestrian railing, and decorative street lights. Permitting of the bridge required extensive involvement from Cornerstone to obtain approval from the BCDC Engineering Criteria Review Board and required special considerations for seismic and flood loading on the bridge.  The bridge consists of a two-span cast-in-place post-tensioned box girder superstructure founded on small diameter piles at the abutments and large diameter piles at the center pier to support the bridge on top of competent material located approximately 80’  below soft bay mud.

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