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Carbonera Creek Bridge

Scotts Valley, CA

Corrnerstone provided engineering services for a new soil nail wall located at a new development by Lennar in Scott's Valley. The new soil nail wall is over 200 feet long and up to approximately 20 feet in height and was constructed in four equal lifts. The intent of the wall is to allow for areas adjacent to lots 9 and 10 to be graded out for additional lot area, while also stabilizing the site which contains soils that are susceptible to landslides. While some of this material was removed and replaced with engineered fill, a small portion of the debris was left encapsulated between bedrock and engineered fill due to biological constraints. Cornerstone worked with the design team to layout the wall and determine required nail lengths based on documented geological conditions. The soil nail was constructed in 2018 and was finished with a stained stone texture.

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