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Casablanca Street Bridge Over Main Branch Alamo Creek

San Ramon, CA

Cornerstone designed this 2-lane structure which provides a local route connecting two major housing developments in east San Ramon.  This $1 million project included an 80-foot long, simple-span, cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete bridge over the main branch of Alamo Creek.  It also provided structural support for a 6-foot diameter steel pipe system carrying storm drainage from the roadway to a detention pond across the creek. 


The construction of this structure was performed adjacent to ongoing mass excavation and housing construction activities, requiring strict schedule adherence, multiple subcontractor coordination, and overall construction support for the Contractor and Contra Costa County.  Engineers reviewed and approved a complex falsework design system and monitored construction for safety and plan adherence.  Sensitive environmental habitats adjacent to the bridge required regular monitoring and management of the construction area in order to avoid negatively impacting the locations of concern.

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