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Central Avenue Bridge At Alameda County Flood Control Channel

Newark, CA

The Central Avenue Bridge Project included the construction of a new 64 ft. long, clear span precast prestressed concrete voided slab bridge.  The structure spans over an environmentally sensitive channel operated by the Alameda County Flood Control District.  Precast construction was selected to limit environmental impacts from temporary falsework and equipment in the channel.  

The project also included a traffic circle adjacent to the bridge, which required the curved geometry of the traffic circle to extend onto the bridge. To maintain the curved geometry, Cornerstone provided a custom-designed and fabricated triangular-shaped precast concrete element supported on two sides by the abutment and a ledge fabricated into one of the adjacent precast slabs.  To ensure the custom precast slab element would fit-up in the field, the slab was "match-casted" with the adjacent precast slab.  The project included coordinating with the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Districts, the City of Newark, and PG&E.

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