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Gasser Drive Bridge Over Tulocay Creek

Napa, CA

The Gasser Drive Extension project connects Gasser Drive to Soscal Avenue by spanning over Tulocay Creek, a tributary to the Napa River in Napa, CA.  The project provides improved traffic flow and access to the Gasser Foundation’s new multi-use development adjacent to the Napa River, including new apartment complexes and commercial lots along Soscol Avenue. The project included a new 125 ft. clear span, post-tensioned concrete box girder bridge designed to carry two lanes of traffic, two bicycle lanes, and a pedestrian sidewalk. Architectural features were included in the design of the bridge, including architectural light fixtures and stone pilasters.  Cornerstone also provided full construction observation and support services for the bridge which was completed in summer 2018 and opened to the public in early 2019.

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